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Why You should Consider Joining Flotilla Sailing Holidays in Croatia

It`s  May and for the next 6 months its time to be in Croatia to experience a private yacht. Flotilla sailing holidays in Croatia has been an enjoyable option for tourists all these years and growing in popularity across the world for reasons other than the high rated fun and relaxation. To be simple, the backdrop of sea surrounding Croatia is just spectacular. The stony and uninhabited shoreline, a large part of which features in the list of world heritage sites and is scattered with innumberable scenic islands and many ancient stone lined cities. In addition to empty bay there are several pictorial marinas and harbours of different sizes lying around it. While taking a stroll along any of these fishing harbours or modern marinas, tourists can enjoy tasting century old delicacy that consists of local Croatian culinary and spending time under the open sky full of stars, keeping away from their fast life which feels refreshing and rejuvenating.

The winds of Croatia are favorable for creating smooth sailing holiday experience.  They are normally mild rather than being wild and unpreditable (winter only). The Archipelago of islands scattered over the east Adriatic Sea provide a remarkable environment for perfectly smooth sailing holiday.

The flotilla sailing holidays in Croatia is designed to match the sailing spirit of beginners as well as seasoned sailors. They come with a number of stopovers which are planned together with the force of wind and condition of weather. The itinerary of flotilla sailing trips in Croatia is not fixed and may change from time to time in order to make the sea voyage more enjoyable for travellers.

On Croatia Flotilla sailing holidays, tourists can sail and raft their own yacht, assisted and guided by a professional Crew present on the Lead Yacht. The Flotilla moves on a pre-planned route, otherwise, there’s great flexibility about where will they anchor and what stopovers will they have every day. There is also a possibility to join skippered flotilla holidays which are a perfect choice for beginners.

Why You Should Consider Joining Flotilla Sailing Holidays in Croatia?

The flotilla sailing holidays comes with a small briefing every morning telling tourists about the day’s activities and destinations. It mentions them which places to see and how to reach there and which stopovers to follow en route.

These holidays allow pros to have full control on their yacht and sail at their own pace.

Flotilla holidayers don’t have to bother about getting an anchor space. Their lead crew will recommend and help them with it. People can enjoy socializing with other sailors and crew, sharing their stories over lunch/dinner, or doing their favorite things. The Lead Crew of Flotilla holidays in Croatia also organises engaging events ranging from special sight seeing voyages to beach parties without any obligation for participation.

Flotilla sailing holidays in Croatia are always a better way to move away from the crowds. Some secluded routes can only be accessed by sea, where privacy can be maintained at the highest level. Even some of the stopovers may be unusual and different from what that are generally followed in such trips. Again there are flotilla sailing holidays available in Croatia for those who like to dine in restaurants and enjoy nightlife.

Travellers have a great scope for socialization on flotilla holidays and derive great pleasure with many long lasting friendships in life that begin on these trips. Moreover good food, good wine, sailing, snorkeling and fishing is something you really enjoy in the flotilla holidays,

Flotilla sailing holidays in Croatia of Naleia Yachting are offered with snorkeling, sunset sailing, line surfing, fender flights and many other adventure options to make sure that you get the best possible enjoyment on your overseas sailing and the flexibility to proceed with your own pace. For a highly relaxing and enjoyable sailing in fantastic settings, consider joining for Flotilla sailing holidays in Croatia organized by Naleia Yachting. To enquire about the sailing holiday itinerary or price, you can now make a call at +43 681 814 033 13 or visit the website: