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Top 9 Benefits Of Choosing Flotilla Sailing Holidays

Want to spend the day sailing through the destinations of your dreams? Are you planning for a fun filled and social vacation – where you can relax and interact with like-minded people and make lifelong friends? If yes, a joining a flotilla is the perfect answer!

Introducing Flotilla –

The term “Flotilla” is derived from Spanish and means a small “flota” or a fleet of ships. Currently, flotilla has become one of the most popular ways of cruising.


Flotilla Sailing –

Flotilla sailing nothing else but ta perfect balance between the independence of an open boat sailing and the support of a skippered yacht. Flotilla sailing itineraries make sure you visit some of the best destinations, while allowing you to take enough time for sailing adventures as you like – dropping anchor for a swim in a clear, warm water, eating out in a local restaurant on the seaside or strolling through historical city centers relaxed in the knowledge that you’ve a skipper who takes care of the most difficult aspects of sailing.

Here are some of the best benefits of choosing flotilla sailing trip for your nexf holiday:

1. It’s quite a lot of fun to sail. You’ll make friends with your and the other crews soon, discussing the sailing adventures you live as well as life, philosophy and of course good food.


2. Less experienced sailing enthusiasts can get benefited from the support and suggestions of the flotilla sailing crews; while most experienced ones can relax themselves and enjoy the splendid route.

3. You don’t to need to think about planning the routine as the professionals will provide you with a perfect outline on sailing plan and advice on most sought after sightseeing destinations along the way.

4. Sailing for the first time is always exciting and having someone on hand to help you throughout the way can certainly take all the weight off your shoulders.


5. You’ll get to sail a yacht with the complete support from your skipper to advise you and help you find yourself in a trouble. You’ll learn tons from this and it is also a great way to enhance your confidence level as well as decision making experience.

6. Some flotilla sailing companies conduct planned events for the group to enjoy on most cruises. Therefore, you’ll get most out of your sailing holidays intensifying it with non-sailing events.

7. Some companies offer flotilla yachts where you can join a crew as an individual that means you don’t miss out on the fun and excitement if you’re traveling alone.


8. You will get to meet a lot of people with same interests. You will share the excitement of exploring new sailing spots together, bond and form friendships.

9. If you are interested in exploring the sights and sounds of sailing spots and no one in your boat is keen on joining, you’re almost assured to find someone on another yacht who is keen to explore the land together.

Conclusion –

Generally, flotilla sailing organizers have enough experience and expertise to enhance your sailing experience. Naleia Yachting offers perfect blend of sailing adventures with utmost fun, excitement to ensure wonderful sailing experiences to remember for a lifetime.


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