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Top 4 Best Places for Sailing Adventures in Greece in the area of Ionian Sea

With endless golden shores, brilliant turquoise waters, mild and warm weather, diverse landscapes around hundreds of islands of all shapes and sizes, cosmopolitan lifestyle and peaceful living on spectacular sun drenched towns, villages and coasts, Greece is an ideal sailing destination for all kinds of travelers. Undeniably the home to some of the beautiful islands around the world, Greece has something for everyone and embarking on sailing trip can be a perfect way to explore them.

When enjoying a sailing trip in Greece, you will have a great pleasure of getting many opportunities to try a variety of water sports activities that the clear blue waters has on offer. No matter whether you are a novice or expert, it’s worth making the most of what this wonderful country has to offer.

The Best Greek Islands for Sailing Adventures in the Ionian Sea

1. Ithaka Island

Well-known all over the world as the mythical island of Odysseus, Ithaka Island appeals to sailing enthusiasts with it`s laid-back atmosphere, the blue-green water and the spectacular lush greenery. This is a small yet ideal destination for both families and couples seeking for some romance in Greece. If arrived with a sailing yacht, you have plenty of wild anchorages to choose from and Vathy, Kioni, Frikes and Stavros towns to choose from. You can enjoy swimming in the crystal water, walking along the trekking paths and also enjoy your meal in fish taverns. On top of that locals are very welcoming and their slow style of living is something to learn from!

2. Kefalonia Island, Fishkardo Town

Intimately located beside the coral blue water, Fishkardo packs a heady punch with its romantically-coloured venetian buildings with a variety of upmarket restaurants and amazing accommodation options. Sailing to Fiskardo can exude a cosmopolitan buzz unmatched by the rest of the island mainly due to all the sailors visiting it. You will find yourself mooring next a a dozen of yachts along a quay, just in front of a tavern. What is more, the waters around Fiskardo make it an ideal destination place to dive!

3. Atokos Island

Atokos, a small Greek island on Ionian Sea and is one of the most westerly and also most remote amongst the Echinades islands. As the island is uninhabited this location is perfect for a secluded overnight stay. There are no buoys so one needs to anchor. The cliffs around the island are spectacular and snorkeling is superb!

4. Lefkada Island, Lefkas Marina -

Lefkas marina allows to access one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in Greece. It is placed nearby Aktion airport (10min drive) or 1.5h drive from Corfu. This makes it a perfect starting location for your sailing holiday in Greece. Based on the north east side of beautiful Lefkas island (or Lefkada), Lefkas marina is ideally located for sailing holidays discovering both the North and South Ionian including Lefkas, Corfu, Paxos, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Meganissi as well as much smaller Ionian islands and also the beautiful mainland coast of Greece.

Conclusion -

Greece is a must visit destination for anyone who wants to really experience the cruising waters. The sunny Greek Islands are home to some truly beautiful beaches, where you can simply relax on the golden sand or bathe in the sea. Book packages for sailing in Greece with Naleia Yachting and let our experts share their part of knowledge making a memorable Greece sailing trip of a lifetime!

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