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How To Save On Your Croatia Sailing Vacation?

So, you’ve made the epic choice of sailing in Croatia. Excellent decision! No doubt it is going to be a lifetime trip, but you shouldn’t forget that Croatia is not the cheapest destination anymore. It is also not the most expensive one but keeping an eye on your budget is always a good idea.

If you are looking for sailing in Croatia without disturbing your budget – you are in luck – we have got a few useful tips for you.

Sailing holiday in Croatia

Save on food expenses:

Foods are quite costly in Croatia & one can cut his or sailing expense by saving on foods. And this can be best accomplished by opting for family style dinner to decrease your food expenditures. You may also order some bottles of house wine & have some appetizers so that you can divide the expense. You will also have the choice of sharing your meal with another willing individual because you may not have much hunger during dinner time after a whole day of swimming or sailing. Although a lot of travelers like to purchase ready-made foods from high-end eateries, you can simply cut your expense by going for self-catering or preparing your meal in the yacht. If you’re traveling in a group, you can cook in shifts as you cruise around.

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Travel during off-season & book beforehand:

Croatia is a popular tourist destination & hiring a yacht during a peak season can be a costly affair.  This is why you may like to plan your Croatia sailing trip during an off season. Furthermore, you can save a considerable amount of money by reserving your flight, yacht, and lodging beforehand. Keep in mind that, costs for traveler associated goods & services keep changing from time to time relying on the number of travelers.

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Be practical:

You can always save a considerable amount of dollars by kitty sharing the costs of things that may be costly if you have to pay it individually. For example, you can reserve only one spot on a shared yacht with other travelers cruising Croatia rather than paying for your own vessel. It’s even more pleasurable when you cruise together with other tourists & share your experience throughout the trip. Sharing price with other people on the yacht will certainly help you stay inside your budget. Sailing on a Flotilla offers much more independence and privacy for you as well and you will get an ultimate travel experience.

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