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Flotilla Holidays - True Spirit of Sailing in Greece

Located at the crossing point of Africa, Europe and Asia, it’s hard to overlook the amazing character that Greece has exhibited in some of its ancient civilizations. The remains of these human civilizations remain still today, just looking for adventurous travellers to amaze them during sailing in Greece. 

Famous in the world as the source of Western philosophy, Political Science, theatre and modern democracy, Greece has taken over a legacy that no other place on planet can compete with. Sailing in Greece through the Aegean sea and Ionian sea brings a rich experience filled with bays, mountains and islands with assurance of adventure and fun. From sailing on the bluest water of sea to coming across secluded bays, small fishing villages, high sea cliffs and a few secret destinations, sailing holidays in Greece allows everything that you can imagine is beyond the horizon. Keeping up with the true sailing spirit, Naleia makes your Greek exploration highly interesting with scope to look into its early history, broad coastline, inviting taverns and some busy nightspots.

With a shoreline spread over 8,000 miles and more than 2,000 islands to explore, the most effective option to visit Greece is by sailing. A yacht sailing in Greece enables you to have a pleasant and peaceful holiday experience with options to explore the relics of Ancient Greece. Enjoy some conventional Meze dinner at comfortable seaside tavernas and stopovers at some of its popular islands for partying and excellent nightlife in the Mediterranean region.

Board a lovely chartered yacht and have the privilege of extended periods of open water sailing in Greece as you sail out for the Meganissi Island, or snorkeling in the exceptional marine life of the Formikoula Island or spending night under mind-blowing white cliffs of Atokos island.

Flotilla Sailing in Greece

Flotilla sailing in Greece is a great way for couples, families and friends to discover the amazingly beautiful Central Ionian Islands, bays and mountains. They offer a perfect balance of fun and independence in Greece sailing trips along with the support of professional skippers. The flotillas comprise of a fleet of elegant and contemporary yachts and catamarans sailing the Greek islands at a relaxing pace guided by a main boat and its crew. Fair weather condition and custom sailing itinerary make it suitable for all those seeking a peaceful and refreshing sailing holiday in Greece with numerous bays, inlets and harbors to tour around.

There is a unique opportunity in Greece Flotilla holidays to experience a wide variety of cultures, historical ruins, delicious food and nightlife along the surrounding coastline. It is available with a taste of adventure to everyone from flotilla starters to those with earlier yacht cruising experience. Whether your preference is old-fashioned fishing villages and secluded beaches or energetic towns and thrilling nightlife, Naleia Yachting has the right flotilla sailing in Greece package on offer.

Flotilla sailing holidays of Naleia Yachting are designed with a custom itinerary to show you the best attractions possible in the Central Ionian sea area. You can choose from them to enjoy learning to charter your own yacht or meet and socialize with other travellers from the flotilla every evening. With access to superbly maintained fleet of affordable yachts from Naleia Yachting, you can start to sail and explore the close by islands beyond the list of Meganisi, Lefkas, Ithaki and Fiskardo.

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