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Experience the Most of Sailing Holidays in the British Virgin Islands

Introducing the British Virgin Islands -

Well-known as the top secret of nature, the British Virgin Islands are easily accessible sailing paradise on the Caribbean Coast. It’s unarguably one of the best destinations for sailing around the world.

The presences of year-round warm weather, consistent trade winds and line of sight navigation have made it possible for this region to offer topsailing experience. British Virgin Islands or BVI for short is an ultimate sailor’s paradise.

British Virgin Islands

The Location -

BVI is blessed with more than 60 islands and cays - all are mostly unspoiled nature with picturesque white sand beaches, plenty of marine species and a relaxing vibe of the islands. Just a perfect destination for your Sailing Holidays in BVI.

Some very special places are: a huge area of splendid boulders on Virgin Gorda, the magnificent beaches on Jost van Dyke island along with the huge diversity of tropical birds, the remote and secluded Sister islands, cays, and islets.

British Virgin Islands

The Sailing Opportunities -

Are you looking to escape from your busy schedule? Or just want to experience the privacy of the secluded beach? Or want to join the debaucheries, exhilarating escapes? The British Virgin Islands have truly something for everyone.

The BVI is the place where most yacht hartererss start their adventure as well as the place where cruising sailors around the world make pilgrimages year after year.

British Virgin Islands

Remember, there’s no better way to discover the ultimate delights of the BVI than a sailboat. The islands offer sheltered waters with minimal tidal currents, few unmarked hazards, amazing navigation aids, the line-of-sight navigation, as well as short hops to access new destinations. Plan for a weeks’ vacation for your Sailing Holidays in BVI and just book your yacht or flotilla for the social aspect and enjoy the sailing and best suntan ever under the clear sky.

The Sailing Season -

The winter time is the time of the high season for sailing in the British Virgin Islands. It’s the busy time of the year as the islands welcome the highest numbers of sailors from all over the world.

The timing - between December 15 to April 15 is the peak season as the weather is optimum. It’s perfect for those coming from the frigid temperatures back home.

British Virgin Islands

Apart from the winter, the pre-high season starts from mid-November. It’s time when the daytime temperature reaches around 85 degrees Fahrenheit and lowers to the 70’s during the night.

You can enjoy sailing holidays in the British Virgin Islands in the summertime - around June. Things start to change the warm temperatures and it tends to go into the high 80’s and drop to the high 70’s during the night.

Conclusion -

Looking for a Catamaran or a Monohull? And want to enjoy sailing a week or a just a few days in a crewed yacht? Book sailing holidays in the British Virgin Islands through Naleia Yachting. Our fleet is maintained to the highest of standards.

Come and experience the smooth sailing holidays in the British Virgin Islands in a relaxed atmosphere with Naleia yachting.

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